Pre- and early-OT memorabilia

by Paul Smolensky



Apr NSF Small Grant for Experimental Research (SGER) proposal

pre-OT: numerical theory

?? Transition space, floating and assimilating [PS]
Harmonic Completeness Principle [PS]
Absolute Preferences from the Dynamic Point of View [AP]
Mar 8 hot pink [PS]
~Mar 8 The Numerical Theory [AP]

OT: ‘algebraic theory’

Mar ?? EUCLID diagram: recorded during the birth of the ‘algebraic theory’ Berber Partial Orders [PS]
Apr 5−6 Arizona Phonology Conference program
Apr 6 Handout (Arizona Phonology Conference) [AP]
Apr ~7 Lardil tableaux handout (U Arizona seminar)
July U Colorado Tech Report: Handouts from LSA course “Connectionism and Harmony Theory in Linguistics”
Sept 12 COD (reflections of hot pink) [PS]


Oct 22−24 ROW-1 program


W. Raymond & A. Hogan U Colorado Tech Report: ‘A Users Guide to the Optimality Interpreter- A Software Tool for Optimality Theoretic Analysis’
(+ software = ROA-130)
☞ first (?) automatic typology computation

Suggested citation:
Smolensky, Paul. 2015. Pre- and early-OT memorabilia. In Short ’schrift for Alan Prince, compiled by Eric Baković.

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