Yoko Futagi

When I first met Alan, a few days after I arrived in NJ, I respectfully said “Hello, Professor Prince, I’m Yoko Futagi.” He said, “Greetings, Student Futagi.” That put an end to my addressing anyone Prof. anything. I had to relearn to do it once I started working at ETS (we have some dealings with academia), so I don’t get into trouble.

Every time a driver won’t stop for me in a crosswalk, I have to suppress the strong urge to shout at him/her “Read the fucking book!”, as Alan demonstrated once on College Avenue.

I didn’t know anything about phonology when I started at Rutgers. My college professor for Intro to Linguistics completely ignored that chapter in the textbook. I was truly lucky to have had Alan for Phonology I. As ignorant as I was, I still got to enjoy it. There are some “interesting” people at ETS, but no one quite as special as Alan. I am really very grateful. I hope he enjoys his retirement!