Nicole Nelson


Soon after you agreed to be my advisor, you were awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. In case that wasn’t impressive enough, a reporter for the University’s paper then labeled you as someone with “near-perfect diction.” Indeed.

It goes without saying that talking theory with you made my mind stretch and grow in all kinds of ways. But I also valued you sharing your interest about things like the sequencing of the human genome, the identity of irregular musical meters, and the politics of the 2000 election. I admired how your enthusiasms were big and rich and far-reaching.

And then there was your way with words. Thanks to you, I will forever think of Cornell as “centrally-isolated,” and label as many things as possible “supererogatory.” Of course, “badupi” will always be my favorite non-word.

Wishing you a happy and exciting retirement—one at least as full of discovery as your career, if not more so.

With affection and gratitude,

Nicole Nelson