To the man who liked bachata and

by José Camacho

Alan is a man of many talents and tastes. In my first year at Rutgers, he sent out a compelling message to attend the Daniel Gorenstein Award ceremony to Mathematician Robert L. Wilson. At one of his parties, he enthusiastically shared his newly discovered passion for bachatas, the popular Dominican music style, and for Latin American soap operas. In a recent event, Alan was eagerly scouting possible companions to try the authentic Chong Qing hot pot served at a newly opened restaurant. It turns out that on his first excursion, his companions had balked at some of the delicacies (pork intestine, among other things) included in the dish.

With his wide-opened, inquisitive eyes, Alan playfully scans the world for the unexpected, his curiosity seems limitless, a source of fresh inspiration for all things linguistic, musical or culinary.

Suggested citation:
Camacho, José. 2015. To the man who liked bachata and. In Short ’schrift for Alan Prince, compiled by Eric Baković.

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